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Summary of seven data analytics projects for introductory accounting

There has been a lot of interest in the data analytics cases for introductory accounting that have been posted on this blog. I am providing a summary of the seven data analytics cases and related links in the table below to make it more convenient to see, at a glance, what projects are available and […]

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NEW! Data analytics project: Contribution margin analysis and segment margins for introductory managerial accounting

This blog post contains a data analytics project that is suitable for introductory managerial accounting. The student uses Excel to analyze a data set that contains more than 48,000 records. The data analytics project can be assigned in the course once the concepts of contribution margin, contribution margin ratio, and segment margins reviewed. Overview of […]

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How should the cost of national advertising by Whole Foods impact the performance report (and segment margin) for each store?

Whole Foods Market, Inc., is a supermarket chain based in Austin, Texas, with 381 stores in the US (it also has stores in the UK and Canada.)  Whole Foods specializes in natural and organic food and has annual sales of $13 billion. In October 2014, Whole Foods rolled out its first national advertising campaign in […]

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