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What type of responsibility center would a Kohl’s Café within the department store be considered?

In an effort to increase the number of shoppers coming into its stores and the length of time those shoppers stay, Kohl’s (KSS) is adding a small café (Kohl’s Café) to each of two of its department stores in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Each café will sell Caribou Coffee items including lattes, cappuccinos, and other […]

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How should the cost of national advertising by Whole Foods impact the performance report (and segment margin) for each store?

Whole Foods Market, Inc., is a supermarket chain based in Austin, Texas, with 381 stores in the US (it also has stores in the UK and Canada.)  Whole Foods specializes in natural and organic food and has annual sales of $13 billion. In October 2014, Whole Foods rolled out its first national advertising campaign in […]

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