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What types of costs are associated with a Stance™ sock vending machine located in an airport?

At Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in northeastern Ohio, a vending machine that dispenses socks was recently installed. Located in the C concourse, the Stance sock vending machine offers a variety of what Stance refers to as “uncommon” socks. The designs on the socks in the Cleveland airport vending machine include Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, patriotic […]

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Summary of seven data analytics projects for introductory accounting

There has been a lot of interest in the data analytics cases for introductory accounting that have been posted on this blog. I am providing a summary of the seven data analytics cases and related links in the table below to make it more convenient to see, at a glance, what projects are available and […]

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New data analytics case for introductory managerial accounting available – KAT Insurance!

In addition to the data analytics case we posted last week for introductory financial accounting, we have also developed a case, using the same KAT Insurance Company data set, for introductory managerial accounting. The three of us who teach introductory accounting (Wendy Tietz, Jennifer Cainas, and Tracie Miller-Nobles) developed a KAT Insurance case to introduce […]

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