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Recap of all data analytics projects available

Hello! I have posted a few data analytics projects here on my blog and thought it might be useful as the semester starts to post the links in one post. (Heads up: I will be posting a new managerial accounting data analytics case within the next week too!) Here goes: Project 1: Transaction analysis for […]

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How would the Pittsburgh Steelers classify the purchase of robots to use for tackle practice?

The Pittsburgh Steelers, a U.S. professional football team based in Pennsylvania, are experimenting with using a robot, called a Mobile Virtual Player (MVP), during practices so that players do not have to tackle each other and risk injury. Instead, the players can tackle the foam-padded robot that mimics the sensation of tackling a person. The MVP […]

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How will Slappey Communications’ investment in PP&E affect its financial statements?

Slappey Communications is a technology firm in Birmingham, Alabama, specializing in telecommunications, computer, and network security.  Its owner, Bill Slappey, invested nearly $770,000 in property, plant, and equipment for the business in 2014 (See “Small Firms Poised to Spend More on Plants, Equipment,” A. Loten and V. Monga, Wall Street Journal, September 3, 2014.) Slappey […]

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