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How will Levi Strauss & Co’s initial public offering affect the company?

Levi Strauss & Co., the long-time maker of blue jeans, is planning its initial public offering (IPO) in early 2019. The company is hoping to raise between $500 – $800 million from its IPO. Levi Strass has been privately-held since 1996 after Levi Strauss’ descendants bought out the company. Levi Strauss, the founder, started the […]

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How will Walmart’s use of robots change its break even point?

Walmart (WMT) is robotic janitors in some of its stores. Walmart has purchased several Autonomous Cleaner (Auto-C) robots from Brain Corporation. An Auto-C robot looks like a Zamboni, the machine used to clean ice rinks. The robots scrub floors and clean store aisles. Sensors in the robots allow them to navigate around customers and other […]

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How would Uber’s balance sheet be impacted by its $2 billion bond issuance?

Uber Technologies Inc. issued $2 billion of bonds in October 2018. The total bond issuance included $500 million of five-year bonds with a 7.5% coupon and $1.5 billion of eight-year bonds with an 8% coupon. This bond issuance is Uber’s first bond offering, but it has taken out loans with private investors totaling $2.65 billion […]

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