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How does Twitter’s issuance of notes due in 2027 impact its balance sheet and debt ratio?

During 2020, Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) will be issuing (approximately) $600 million of unsecured notes that will be due in 2027. Assume that on the day immediately before the note issuance, Twitter has assets of $10,500 million and liabilities of $3,370 million. Questions Will the notes be classified as assets or liabilities on Twitter’s balance […]

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How does Amazon’s redemption of its notes payable impact its financial statements?

Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN) recently redeemed $1 billion of its 2.6% notes payable one month before the maturity date. “Redeemed” means that Amazon paid cash to the note holders for the principal amount of the notes and the interest accrued up to the redemption date. Questions Assume that, on the date of redemption, it had been […]

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How is Tesla’s balance sheet impacted by its issuance of common stock and convertible five-year notes?

Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) is ramping up to begin production of the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 is an all-electric four-door compact luxury sedan that will have a range of at least 215 miles. It will be the most affordable of the Tesla models, starting at $35,000 for the base model. As of mid-March […]

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