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How does Nike recognize the costs of suing 31 companies over Chuck Taylor trademark infringement?

In October 2014, Nike filed suit against 31 companies, claiming these companies have infringed on Nike’s Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers trademark. Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers have been made since 1917 when Converse first produced them (Nike purchased Converse in 2003).  It is an iconic shoe, with black stripes and a rubber toe topper. […]

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How will cutting 18 months off the life of its Celebrex patent impact Pfizer’s profits?

Pfizer, headquartered in New York City, is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies (as measured by revenues.) It holds patents on many of the drugs it manufactures.  One of these patents gives Pfizer the exclusive right to market the painkiller, Celebrex.  (Celebrex generated $1.9 billion in revenue in 2013.) In a recent patent ruling, […]

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What were the intangible assets in Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr?

Yahoo purchased Tumblr, a blog-hosting website, in May 2013 for approximately $990.2 million.  The fair values of the net tangible assets and identifiable intangible assets acquired from Tumblr were as follows (in millions): Cash  $       16.6 Other tangible assets           74.0 Identifiable intangible assets:     Developed technology           23.7     Customer contracts         182.4     […]

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