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How will Walmart’s use of robots change its break even point?

Walmart (WMT) is robotic janitors in some of its stores. Walmart has purchased several Autonomous Cleaner (Auto-C) robots from Brain Corporation. An Auto-C robot looks like a Zamboni, the machine used to clean ice rinks. The robots scrub floors and clean store aisles. Sensors in the robots allow them to navigate around customers and other […]

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How does automated technology in fast food restaurants change the cost structure, break even, and degree of operating leverage?

Change is rapidly occurring in the restaurant industry due to a combination of higher labor costs, increased technological capabilities, and other factors. Protesters across the world are calling for fast food restaurants to raise their wages, arguing that the current wages paid to workers are not enough to survive on. Various states and cities have […]

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Are the costs of owning a car fixed, variable, or mixed?

According to a recent news article in the Wall Street Journal (“Mercedes or Ford, It Costs a Lot More Than You Think,” Wall Street Journal, Sunday Journal, March 15, 2014), the average consumer spends more than $760 a month on his/her vehicle and related expenses.          Purchase price of the car          Finance charges on […]

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