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What would be the impact of the polysilicon cost increase on Canadian Solar’s gross profit and on its standard variances?

Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ) and other solar panel manufacturers are facing a shortage of a key raw material used in the production of solar panels, polysilicon. Environmental regulators in China shut down several factories, triggering the shortage. The cost of polysilicon has risen by as much as 35% in the past several months. A kilogram […]

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How does the drop in the price of eggs impact Kellogg’s® variances for its Eggo® Homestyle waffles?

In 2015, when the avian flu hit egg producers hard, there was a shortage of eggs. Egg prices increased dramatically. Over the years since 2015 however, egg production has ramped back up as egg producers have restocked their flocks of egg-laying chickens.  There is now a glut of eggs, putting causing the price of eggs […]

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