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Introductory managerial accounting Jeopardy game for end-of-semester review

A few days ago, I shared a Jeopardy-style PowerPoint file that can be used for an end-of-semester review in introductory financial accounting classes. In this post, I am sharing a Jeopardy-style game that covers basic topics within an introductory managerial accounting course. This PowerPoint file contains a Jeopardy-style game suitable for use in an introductory […]

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Technology tip: How to keep the original formatting when copying a slide into a PowerPoint file

At the annual American Accounting Association conference last week, one of my co-presenters had our original PowerPoint file on her computer. I had a slide that I wanted her to insert into that main PowerPoint file we were going to use to present. When she inserted my slide, my slide lost its formatting to take […]

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