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Now that Dyson owns a battery firm, how will the transfer price for batteries used in its vacuums be determined?

Dyson, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer, recently made a large investment in a battery technology firm, Sakti3.  Sakti3 is a Michigan-based startup that is working on a solid-state battery.  These solid-state batteries would last approximately twice as long as current lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state batteries also do not use liquid electrolyte, the lithium-ion substance that can cause […]

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How should Amazon Web Services price its services to Zappos?

Amazon.com has some of the biggest data centers in the world, where it runs cloud-based hosting services.  Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), is the division of Amazon.com that provides compute, storage, and database services to a wide variety of companies, including GE, Netflix, Pfizer, Pinterest, and others. Amazon’s divisions also use its cloud-based hosting services. […]

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