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Use Mail Merge in Word with an Excel file to personalize communications

Rather than sending out one generic email to students, why not personalize the email for each student? It is easy to insert the student’s name and other information into the email through Word’s Mail Merge feature with an Excel file containing the student name, email, and other information. I have recorded a quick tutorial video […]

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Register for Snapchat 101: Engaging Students in Accounting, an IMA Faculty Friday Webinar

On Friday, September 29, 2017, I will be the speaker for the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Faculty Friday Webinar entitled “Snapchat 101: Engaging Students in Accounting.” Snapchat can be a pretty neat tool for engaging with students, especially those in online classes or in large classes. I will be talking first about how to […]

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Technology tip: How to add closed captions to your YouTube videos

If you use a script to create videos for YouTube, adding closed-captions to your YouTube videos is pretty easy. (The script needs to be saved as a plain text file; you would save it as a “.txt” file in Word.) I have created a step-by-step PowerPoint to show you how to add closed-captions to your video […]

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