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4 videos covering each of Facebook’s condensed and adapted financial statements

Recently, I created some videos about each of the four basic financial statements, using Facebook’s financial statements as the data source for the statements. I condensed and adapted each of Facebook’s financial statements into a shorter, more digestible length for the introductory accounting student. Here are the four videos and the related links: Video topic […]

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What information is provided in McDonald’s basic financial statements?

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) is a publicly held corporation with more than $31 billion in assets. It started in 1940 as a BBQ restaurant in San Bernardino, California. In 1948, McDonald’s switched to burgers, shakes, potato chips, and pie. Its Golden Arches are generally believed to be the most recognized symbol in the world. To […]

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What information is provided in Facebook’s basic financial statements?

Facebook, Inc., is a publicly held corporation and is frequently in the news.  For example, in August 2016, it announced a new feature called “Lifestage,” which is an iOS app that emulates Snapchat and is designed to be used by teens. Also in that same month, Mark Zuckerberg sold $95 million of his Facebook shares. […]

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