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Would Yogurt Vi use job costing or process costing in calculating the cost of a customer’s cup of frozen yogurt and toppings?

Yogurt Vi (pronounced vee) is a frozen yogurt restaurant with several locations in Ohio. Customers will select the flavor of frozen yogurt they want and fill their cup from the self-serve machine with the desired amount of the frozen yogurt. Next the customer will proceed to the toppings bar, where they can select from a […]

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Would a Pizza Studio franchisee need to use job-costing or process costing for its made-to-order pizzas?

Pizza Studio is a relatively new pizza chain that takes the made-to-order model used by Chipotle and Subway and applies it to pizzas.  At a counter, customers order their pizzas with exactly the crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings they want – and then watch as the pizza travels through a conveyor-belt oven, being blasted with […]

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Would R.S. Owens, the manufacturer of Oscar statues, use job costing or process costing?

The Academy Awards is an annual American awards ceremony honoring achievements in the film industry. Winners receive a statue officially named the “Academy Award of Merit.”  However, these statues are much better known by the nickname of “Oscars.” Each Oscar statue weighs 8.5 pounds and takes three to four weeks to manufacture.  The statues have […]

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