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What managerial accounting tools could be used to determine whether it would be profitable to redevelop Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel, the inspiration for the movie “Dirty Dancing”?

The Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel in the Catskill Mountains in Liberty, New York, was the inspiration for screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein when writing the “Dirty Dancing” movie screenplay. Her fictional Kellerman’s was a family resort, full of activities such as swimming, tennis, and dancing. Opened in 1919, Grossinger’s contained 35 buildings and attracted up to 150,000 […]

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What information is relevant when deciding whether to laser tattoo fruits and vegetables instead of using paper or plastic stickers?

Every piece of fruit and vegetables sold in U.S. grocery stores has a small sticker on it. These stickers include food type, origin, and whether it was grown organically. Laser Food is a company based in Spain that makes laser marking machines. These Laser Mark machines tattoo every piece of fruit and vegetable with identifying […]

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What would the payback period be for a robotic arm used by McDonald’s for food preparation?

A variety of robots were featured at the 2016 National Restaurant Show that could be used for a variety of tasks in restaurants. These robots are being introduced at the same time that we are experiencing an on-going debate in the U.S. about the merits of a national minimum wage of $15 per hour for […]

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