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Create Customized Financial Accounting Case Assignments with the Accounting Case Template

The Accounting Case Template (ACT) is a web tool I designed that allows instructors to quickly build an introductory financial accounting case assignment. A variety of options are provided from which the instructor can choose, allowing the instructor to quickly build a case assignment customized for his/her specific course. It takes about two minutes to […]

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What types of Property, Plant and Equipment does Domino’s have on its balance sheet?

Domino’s (DPZ) recently made the news when it launched its pizza delivery vehicle, the Domino’s DXP™ (Delivery Expert).  The DXP™ is a modified Chevy Spark electric automobile. At the October 2015 launch, there were 97 DXP™ in Domino’s nationwide fleet, with more to come. Domino’s has several categories of Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E) on […]

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