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What costs would the Stellar Pizza robotic pizza restaurant capitalize or expense?

Stellar Pizza has a pizza-making robotic machine that was built by three former SpaceX engineers. More than 23 former SpaceX employees work at Stellar Pizza. The pizza-making robot can produce a pizza every 45 seconds. A pizza can be customized, baked, and topped in less than five minutes by the robotic machine. Stellar Pizza will […]

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What impact do lower fuel costs and other changes have on an airline’s net income?

American Airlines Group (AAL), the world’s biggest airline, has been reporting record profits in recent quarters.  United Continental Holdings and Southwest Airlines also reported record profits. Part of what has contributed to the record profits has been the decline in the cost of oil. The price of oil has fallen during 2014; we are spending […]

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What costs will be expensed versus capitalized in Applebee’s investment in tableside tablets for its restaurants?

At Applebee’s, Presto tablets by E la Carte are being installed at every table. In total, Applebee’s will be purchasing 100,000 tablets. Customers will be able to pay their food bill and order appetizers and desserts using the tablets.  In addition to the initial purchase price of the tablet hardware and various other costs, Applebee’s […]

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