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Will the cost of the new Forbidden Frontier attraction at Cedar Point reduce income in 2018?

Management of Cedar Point, the amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, recently announced that it would be closing the Dinosaurs Alive and Witches’ Wheel to make room for a new attraction called “Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island.” This paragraph is what Cedar Point management released about this upcoming new attraction: “Grab your map and prepare for […]

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When does Carnival Cruise Lines recognize revenues and expenses for its cruises?

Carnival Cruise Lines had a record-breaking month in January 2014 in terms of number of net bookings (new bookings less cancellations.) During January 2014, Carnival booked more than 565,000 (net) guests for cruises to be taken over the next two years. Part of the reason that Carnival may be seeing increased bookings is its new […]

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