New book! Teaching with Microsoft Teams: Student Engagement Strategies

book cover

In January 2023, my new book “Teaching with Microsoft Teams: Student Engagement Strategies” is being published! In this book, I share several techniques for using Microsoft Teams to increase student engagement – both in synchronous online classes and asynchronous classes.

Some of the chapters in the book include:

  • Chapter 3: How do you onboard students to Teams for a smooth semester?
  • Chapter 4: How can you facilitate an engaging live online class meeting?
  • Chapter 6: How can you track student attendance or participation in Teams Meetings and in Teams?
  • Chapter 11: What’s really cool about group work in Teams outside of class?
  • Chapter 12: What can you do in a class Teams Meeting with Microsoft Whiteboard?

Update 11/29/2022: Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a potential reviewer. The response was really great. I will reach out to selected reviewers in mid-December. Thank you again!


About Dr. Wendy Tietz, CPA, CMA, CSCA, CGMA

Dr. Wendy Tietz is a professor of accounting at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, USA. She is also a textbook author with Pearson Education.

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